Transmission Adapter #56-3001

Q: What transmissions will this work for?
A: This adapter is designed to install a ‘modern’ automatic transmission to your 235/261 engine. We recommend an overdrive trans like a 200 4R, or 700R4. This also can be used for a TH350,& TH400.

Q: What is included in the Transmission Adapter?
A: You will receive the actual adapter plate, flex plate, and installation kit. (See photo).

Q: Why do you recommend/require the starter as part of the purchase?
A: Because of large variations in the aftermarket starters, we carefully select and test all starters with our flex plates to ensure proper operation. We cannot offer our 100% guarantee warranty without the purchase of our stater, as other starters may hit the flex plate, or cause other issues.

PIC of Trans Adapt Kit June 28 2012