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  • 1.Exhaust
    From heat stoves to size or exhaust pipes, we have you covered!
  • What direction should the flap in my stock exhaust be in when engine is warm?


    The blade should be vertical when engine is cold to divert the exhaust gas to the intake and horizontal when engine is warm to shield excess heat from the intake.

  • Which intake can I use with your "Stovebolt" headers?


    Using our headers on your 194,230, 250 or 292 engine, you can use any intake - factory, Offenhauser, or Clifford. But don't forget to water heat!

  • What size exhaust pipe and setup do you recommend with your Stovebolt headers?


    To achieve the classic six cylinder sound, we recommend perforated core construction mufflers like the most popular "Smithys" were made back in the '50's. Current "Smithys" are NOT made with a perforated core. Look for the little round holes inside the muffler before you buy. A 2 1/4" front pipe is recommended with full length 2" tailpipes extending to the rear bumper. Locate the mufflers as far forward as possible. Chose 24"-36" muffler length depending on the sound level you desire. Due to the pulse flow present in this type system, joint leaks can be more of a problem than most muffler shops might expect. Do not combine muffler hangers with joint clamps or the resulting distortion will likely cause annoying joint leaks.

  • 1.Engine Modifications
    Featuring questions about modifying any stock engine
  • Can a 230 be stroked? Can a 250 or 292 crank be used with longer rods?


    The 230 can be 'stroked' to be a 250 by using a 250 crank and pistons. Using a 292 crank can be done but is very difficult and expensive.

  • Can I use hydraulic lifters in a 1958 truck engine?


    Yes, you can use hydraulic lifters in a '58-'62 engine, but you must also use a hydraulic lifter camshaft (which has a different ramp design).

    In 1958, Chevrolet used hydraulic lifters in passenger cars only, no trucks. The 235 and 261 truck engines used mechanical lifters only and a camshaft designed with ramps only for mechanical lifters.

  • Will a '57 235 fit into '48 Fleetmaster?


    The '57 engine will fit but you will need a short water pump to fit into your 1948 car with it's original 3 speed.

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